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Never worry about getting from point A to B when you are in Frankfurt. Germany’s transport systems promise promptness and reliability, and Frankfurt is no exception. The Frankfurt transport system is an efficient network of train, metro, and bus lines. In fact, many car owners rely on it for a faster ride during peak hours. 

Get to know the Frankfurt Germany map through the city’s public transport system and navigate everywhere like a pro. 

Frankfurt Transport System – How to Get to Point B from A?

The heart and brain of Frankfurt public transport are nine S-Bahn lines and nine U-Bahn lightrail lines. The S-Bahn connects the city center to the Rhein-Main Region while the U-Bahn is great for exploring places inside the city. Supporting the lines are ten tram tracks for intercity travels and a number of bus routes connecting various rail lines. 

The Frankfurt Transport Authority or VGF is the city’s main public transport operator and a part of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) transport network.

  1. Train Service 

The railway is the most popular transport medium in Frankfurt because it is fast, cost-effective, and covers a wide area both in and outside the city. Being the center of the Rhein-Main Region, tons of people travel to and from the suburbs to Frankfurt each day and a majority of them choose the S-Bahn – the rapid transit trains that provide the suburban rail service. 

The busiest Frankfurt train station in the Frankfurt Central Station, also known as  Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof. Located right in the middle of the city, it handles more than 350,000 passengers per day. Stops for ICE trains (to Frankfurt Airport), buses, taxis, local trains, and subways are available in the station. 

Trains are the most convenient option from Frankfurt Airport to city but bus, taxi, and rent-a-car services are also available.  

Frankfurt Transport Map

  1. Bus Service

Rail is the superhero of Frankfurt transport but buses can be the saviour during the hectic peak hours and nightly odd hours between 1am and 4am. The cross-town routes are active 24/7. The tickets are inexpensive and can be purchased onboard. 

The night-liner buses run from 1 to 4 am in the morning when other services are scarce. The junction is in the city center – Konstablerwache square – where all buses start and end their route. 


Public Transport Frankfurt Map  Night Transport Frankfurt

  1. Metro Service

The Frankfurt metro is a combination of two systems:

  • S-Bahn – nine routes of suburban rail.
  • U-Bahn – nine routes of combined tram and underground lines.

The underground railways had pushed trams to the background for decades but the service has bounced back by opening two new sections in recent years. The tickets are cheaper than buses.

The underground lines run from various railway stations to different parts of the city. There are several projects planned for an extensive underground system in the future.  

Ticket Purchase & Prices

Like most other German cities, Frankfurt exploits a unified fare system to eliminate confusion and hassle of the passengers. There is no need to purchase multiple tickets even if you need to change rail lines or transportation medium during the journey. You will need a single ticket for one ride and it will be valid till you reach the destination point. 

There are two ways of purchasing tickets – online or Fahrkartenautomaten (ticket machines). Use the RMV website, the RMV app (both iOS and Android), or the Deutsche Bahn (DB) website for online purchase. The vending machines are to be found in tram, train, and bus stops. Many Bahn cars and buses also carry these machines. 

A single ticket for a trip within Frankfurt costs less than €3 (even lower for a short trip under 2km) and a journey to the city outskirts won’t take more than €10. There are discounts for children and groups. You can save a great deal by purchasing daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tickets. Tourists and day travelers can take advantage of day ticket Frankfurt, costing €5.35 (adults) and €3.00 (children), which allows traveling all over the city.

Timetables of All Frankfurt Transport Services

Trains – depart from each of the lines at every 15 to 30 minutes but the interval is only 2 minutes on the Central Station. Plus, the S8 and S9 lines operate 24/7.

Trams – faster and have more stops than Bahn lines. They arrive at every 10 minutes but the interval is only 5 minutes in some sections during rush hours.

Buses – run 24 hours a day and the night bus lines operate from 1am to 4am.

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